Monday, May 18, 2009

Top 5 "New to Me" Dance Tracks of May 11th to May 17th

1. Zoe Badwi - Release Me (TV Rock Edit)
Ohhh my Jebus this is hotness! Strange editing quirks aside, this heavy-hitting vocal track is circuit/disco/house aimed at the jugular, and it is fierce! I hate that word but it is so appropriately apt!

2. Dizzee Rascal and Armand Van Helden - Bonkers
Riding on a collective wave of grime and pop, both Dizzee and Armand pull out all the stops for this bass-heavy club track that I think will catch on like wildfire.

3. Royksopp feat. Robyn - The Girl and The Robot (Spencer & Hill Remix)
While there are a plethora of great mixes of this song circulating right now, S&H topped my list (by a fraction, sorry Ocelot!) with this quirky electro mix. I love the depth maintained in the remix, and how you can still hear bits and pieces of the original instrumentation while Robyn is singing.

4. Jan Wayne vs. Raindropz - Numb (Alex Gap Club Treatment)
Hi-NRG Eurocheeze remakes abound in plenty, so when I find a remix package with the incessant and irritating high BPM club thump, I tend to skip through until something doesn't make me want to puke. The Alex Gap Club Treatment is gorgeous in its rendition of the wonderful Linkin Park track. Trying very hard to remain faithful to the source material, not only does this have an ample amount of quiet introspective piano & vox time, it also manages to rip back into your veins with an undeniably hook-like electro rhythm.

5. Funkstar De Luxe - Higher State (Continental Club Mix)
Guttural, growling bass guitars dominate the majority of this new track from Funkstar De Luxe. The vocals are decent and the track demands attention. I love this.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Music Mix 2009

I've been working on this sucker for months and months, and finally it is completed!

I used to have this thing done by the beginning of the year but I believe now that taking the time to make it right is important. And I feel I have done that.

We've got 2 discs of 20 songs each, so I will break down each disc for everyone.

Disc 1:

1. T. Raumschmiere - The Front Row Is Not For The Fragile
- Making industrial into pop is tough, but T. Raumschmiere seems to have done just that. Soaring guitars and a bouncy beat make this a personal favorite off their latest album, I Tank U.

2. Kerli - Fragile
- Thematic follow-up associations aside, "Fragile" by Kerli is one of the most impressive songs off of the Estonian's debut album. Slowly morphing from pensive piano ballad to bassy, thick rock, this is a "can't be missed" track.

3. M83 - We Own The Sky
- French duo M83's latest album, Saturdays=Youth, isn't really my typical purchase. The songs aren't immediately accessible and carry along at a rather grueling pace, and most who know me know that isn't my thing. "We Own The Sky" was a surprise to me, as I found it slowly seeping into my mind at odd times. Now this is one of my favorites from 2008.

4. The Faint - Psycho
- Ahh, The Faint. Since my introduction to this band back in 2003, I have always had a place in my music library for them. Their latest album, Fasciinatiion, is a pleasant combo between the montone nature of Wet From Birth and the hip, dancefloor vibe of Danse Macabre. "Psycho" is a fun romp through the singer's mind and heart.

5. The Veronicas - This Love
- Pulling heavily on the electronic nature of the 80's, The Veronicas' sophomore album, Hook Me Up, is such an impressive step forward for the Brisbane, Australia twins. "This Love" sounds like the follow-up to A-ha's classic "Take On Me".

6. Alphabeat - Fascination
- My #1 party track from 2008! I could not, and cannot, get enough of this fantastic track! All I wanna do is shake my ass and sing it out! Great 80's party vibe with male and female vocals.

7. The Ting Tings - Fruit Machine
- It was impossible to escape The Ting Tings in 2008, from "Great DJ" to "Shut Up And Let Me Go" and "That's Not My Name", they dominated the radio and clubs. My personal pick of the pack is the ebullient "Fruit Machine", which apparently means "slot machine".

8. Delta Goodrem - Brave Face
- Australian actress/singer Delta Goodrem's voice is amazing. On "Brave Face", she channels some of the best of early 90's soft rock and belts out one of my favorite emotive songs of 2008.

9. The Bird & The Bee - So You Say
- Inara George & Greg Kurstin make some of the best music. "So You Say" is a full throttle electronic pop song with the organ sounds of the 60s. They just keep getting better!

10. Skye Sweetnam - Baby Doll Gone Wrong
- Ditching the cute, plastic rocker her first album prepped her to be, Canada's Skye Sweetnam's sophomore album features a jagged, raw rock sound. "Baby Doll Gone Wrong" has contradictory pairings running through the lyrics, like "Tinkerbell and S&M". Wonderful.

11. Ashlee Simpson - Hot Stuff
- I had totally written off Ashlee Simpson's second album, Bittersweet World, as disposable pop. "Hot Stuff" is such a cute and clever, and very atypical, party track and I had completely overlooked it. I noticed a hot beat playing from my speakers while I was in the other room, and I haven't been able to shake this song since.

12. Electric Six - Dance Pattern
- Always a proponent for the weird aspect of rock, Electric Six not only tickles my funny bone but also really gets my foot tapping. "Dance Pattern" just narrowly beat out "Dirty Looks" for my choice from this band that just doesn't seem to stop putting out albums. They've put out another since I compiled this list!

13. Walter Meego - Keyhole
- One of my biggest finds of 2008, Walter Meego is an electronic duo that channel everything from cute to creepy. "Keyhole" defines the latter, lone piano strokes distorted slightly and in definite creepy keys joined by vocals and a ferocious dance beat. I almost chose the sunny love song "Forever", but the Daft Punk "Aerodynamic" guitar arpeggios near the end of "Keyhole" won out.

14. Lucy Woodward - Hot & Bothered
- Sexy, slinky, seductive, this sultry jazz tune from the once-pop Lucy Woodward depicts the tale of a woman who loves her late-night visits. She doesn't care whether she feels loved or needed, as long as she feels "Hot & Bothered".

15. Natalie Walker - Hypnotize
- After wowing audiences, critics, and DJs across the globe with her debut album, Natalie Walker wows THIS critic & DJ with her sophomore album. The drowsy and melodic "Hypnotize" is an enlightening downtempo tune that keeps me tuned.

16. Styrofoam - Microscope
- I first listened to Styrofoam as the remixer to The Postal Service's "Nothing Better". Actually "Microscope" isn't much different. Electronic palette, dabs of male and female vocals, an ongoing conversation hashed out through clever and well-written lyrics, smears of guitars and a constant and welcome beat.

17. Mother Mother - O My Heart
- Wow, this group has simply astounded me since I stumbled upon their debut album in '07. "O My Heart" is a tribute to a cold, lifeless heart that our dear protagonist attempts desperately to bring back to normal. Great visuals and vocal harmonies and, well, great everything.

18. Ingrid Michaelson - The Way I Am
- Some may know this as the Gap "here take my sweater" commercial song from the winter of '07/'08. I know this as one of the cutest "we're in love" songs to come out in the last few years. Simplistic and organic sound, there isn't a lot going on here but everything that does go, goes where it needs to.

19. Jack's Mannequin - Annie Use Your Telescope
- For comfortable piano pop rock, look no further than Jack's Mannequin. After a scary bout with cancer, the singer/pianist brought himself back together to record a second album with this band, and it is quite powerful. The musical cocktail that is "Annie Use Your Telescope" is probably one of the best representations of the band.

20. Kanye West - Street Lights
- It took a complete stylistic change for Kanye West to end up on one of my mixes. It happened though, as West has altered his style to a more tribal, vocal-ridden and emotive sound. It pays off marvelously, if a little unconventional. Kudos to Kanye!

Disc 2

1. Margaret Berger - Will You Remember Me
- Discovered about two years too late, Scandinavian contest-winner Margaret Berger won me over with her smart poptronica and immediately accessible voice. "Will You Remember Me" is easily the best pop song on this year's mix.

2. Alanis Morissette - Giggle Again For No Reason
- After hearing that Morissette, my favorite angsty rocker from the 90's, was teaming up with Guy Sigsworth, my favorite producer this decade, I became so hyped up for the resulting album! Unfortunately most of it didn't live up to my expectations, but after careful listening, my ears latched onto this vulnerable yet uptempo track that really showcases the artists' individual and combined talents.

3. The Killers - The World We Live In
- This is, perhaps, one of the most understated Killers tracks I've heard. It doesn't stand out immediately as some of the tracks on their new album Day & Age do, nor does it go for the throat like the tracks that launched them, but this track has a subtle beauty to it that is unmistakable.

4. The Feeling - I Thought It Was Over
- Unfortunately, on a whole, the Feeling's second offering is not as good as their first album. There are some shiny bits though, including this high-nostalgia piece. Some great production going on behind all that pop rock, too.

5. Charlotte Sometimes - This Is Only For Now
- Chopped and rippled guitars open this pounding pop rock introspective piece, supporting Charlotte's steady vocals wonderfully. This track sounds like it is produced by Timbaland, although it isn't.

6. Hilary McRae - Every Day (When Will You Be Mine)
- I. Love. This. Song. So adorable. An easy beat joined with bass and horns makes the backdrop for this torch song sung so wonderfully by Hilary McRae. I may have waited until this album cost something like $5 at Starbucks, but man, was it worth it!

7. Adele - Chasing Pavements
- Nothing can describe how this track floored me at first listen. So powerful and vulnerable. It still floors me now.

8. Goldfrapp - A&E
- No better way to announce a departure from a previous style than putting out a track that is nothing like your last album. While Supernature marked the highest point in this European duo's career, it is the chill and laid back "A&E" that more honestly captures their style. They did begin their career doing minimalist and ethereal poptronica, afterall. This track helps my mind wander.

9. Solange - I Decided, Pt 2
- Beyonce's little sister is a talented woman. Paired with the ultra trendy and superb Freemasons, who produced this "part 2" version of her breakout song, Solange hits us with a simultaneously retro and modern r&b track worth listening to.

10. Morgan Page feat. Tyler James - Call My Name
- Morgan Page is one of many new artists taking a different approach to dance music. Their style, labeled "progressive house" seems more laid back than the traditional club music but I find myself dancing to these beats more vigorously. Tyler James' vocals layered on top of this music in a heartwrenching love song is just dance pop bliss.

11. Bimbo Jones - Harlem 1 Stop
- Bimbo Jones and Katherine Ellis together (as the *band* Bimbo Jones) are unstoppable! Katherine has a powerful voice and the boys have a great handle on big beats and disco rhythms, and they combine together for this rump-shaking stomper!

12. Booty Luv - Some Kinda Rush
- Starting out as a dance cover group ("Boogie 2Nite", "Shine", "Don't Mess With My Man") they made their mark on the music scene, but it was "Some Kinda Rush", their first co-written release that really brought me in. A distinctive guitar riff meshed with some heavy beats and pretty fantastic vocalists made an immensely catchy track.

13. The Presets - Yippyo-Ay
- The Presets really took a giant leap in their career with their sophomore album, Apocalyptica. Taking their fierce industrial-tinged dancefloor approach that one step further yielded some amazing results. One of those is this Scissor Sisters turned Daft Punk track that funks it's way down your backbone before sending synthesized arpeggios gliding across your skin. It's possible there's a handjob in the lyrics, I can't be certain.

14. Innerpartysystem - Don't Stop
- It took a highly imaginative and fucked up music video to get me to truly appreciate this dark and cynical rock masterpiece. There are tons of snipes at celebrity life, but this is one of the most harshly entertaining.

15. We Are Scientists - Tonight
- Adding chunky synths to a working rock formula isn't necessarily a bad thing, especially when it sounds as good as this. "Tonight" is the best song on an otherwise lackluster offering, but that fact doesn't mean it isn't a good song. It stands far above the rest.

16. Lady Gaga - Paparazzi
- Ok, I'm tired of this chick. She is everywhere! But "Paparazzi" isn't blaring on the radio yet so I can still say it's fresh enough to listen to. It's a great song that seems to couple the sounds from "Just Dance" and "Pokerface". Lots of fun!

17. Madonna - Spanish Lessons
- I don't know why, on a disastrous effort by the "queen of pop", I find the one oddball track and fall in love with it, but that's what happened. This and "Incredible" were the best songs off Hard Candy, and this is just a straight party track despite the odd translations of Spanish phrases.

18. Estelle feat. Kanye West - American Boy
- I was smitten with this track long before it reached American radio, and thankfully it's explosion here hasn't diminished my love for it. "American Boy" is an atypical approach to the modern r&b song that I'd love to see reflected in future songs, with the heavy synth work and sharp beats. The whole thing was well constructed, even Kanye's apologetic rap to Estelle for lyrics about money and women.

19. Katy Perry - Lost
- Katy Perry may be nothing more than a novelty artist after the huge success of "I Kissed a Girl" and "Hot & Cold", but if "Lost" is any hint, she's got some serious talent. The song writing is superb and the track is haunting. If only she could find a way to release this!

20. Seal - Immaculate
- I've been hanging onto this track since '07. Intense, swelling emotion sweeps through this track, produced by Stuart Price, as Seal's hypnotic voice rises to those heights we know and love.

I hope this whets your whistle for the mix!

Monday, March 30, 2009

New Music Post!

It's been a while since my last post! I figured it was time to keep everyone updated with what I'm listening to!

1. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Zero

Totally embracing everything that once made rock fun, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs unleash the wonderfully retro "Zero" as the lead-off to their brand new album, It's Blitz! This track is going places, and is one of the best songs from them I've heard. Hope you enjoy!

2. Calvin Harris - I'm Not Alone

OMG this track is so hot! The video is adorable, Calvin's voice has never sounded better, and his adaptation to this new trancey sound (not new in general, just new for him) works so well it hurts.

3. Shiny Toy Guns - Ghost Town

Ghost Town

They lost me as a listener with their major label debut. To me, it sounded as if they dropped everything that made them enjoyable to support a more appealing commercial album, i.e. they sold out. Whether or not that still holds true, "Ghost Town" is a message that I picked up on: Shiny Toy Guns still has some glitter and gusto left yet.

4. Chris Cornell - Part of Me

Wow, this is different for him. Remember Soundgarden? That was fantastic music, grunge at its best. Then Cornell went solo, then joined up with the band from Rage Against the Machine and became Audioslave. Since Rage reformed, Chris is performing solo again. Worth it? I'm not sure yet but this track is so dramatically different from his entire catalog of work that I'm sort of still in musical shock.

5. Gabriella Cilmi - Save the Lies (Good to Me)

Gabriella Cilmi is a young Australian artist who was tagged as one of the "New Amy's" along with Duffy and Adele after the public downfall of Amy Winehouse. Her powerful soul voice along with general mellow lounge club voice makes "Save the Lies" an interesting disco departure from her other tracks. Love it.

6. Pomplamoose - Hail Mary

Shown to me by my friend Chris, Pomplamoose is the romantic collaboration between singers Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn. Each of their tracks is accompanied by what they call a "VideoSong". A VideoSong is a visual depiction of everything happening in the track, as it happens. The rules are detailed in the video above. Revel in their collective genius and ponder, as I do, how some label has not snapped them up yet.

7. Lesley Roy - Unbeautiful

Melissa Etheridge meets Max Martin in the body of a 21 yo Dubliner. Lesley Roy rocks this song. Check out Mike Rizzo's fantastic remix.

8. The BPA feat. David Byrne and Dizzee Rascal - Toe Jam

That's really all you need to know. Keep watching. And then wrap your head around the fact that you can't see what they're not covering, but you also can't see what they ARE covering. I need a drink.

9. Matt & Kim - Good Ol' Fashion Nightmare

Hand-clappy goodness! I don't know what else to say.

10. The Bird & The Bee - Love Letter to Japan

This track is phenomenal. Inara George and producer Greg Kurstin continue to demonstrate why they rule. Thank you.

11. Lily Allen - Not Fair

Lily Allen's tribute to her man's lack of skill in screwing her. I love the homage to old music videos; the hair, the fades, the backup singers, the light starring out like that. It's adorable.

12. Royksopp - Happy Up Here

Praise Jebus! Space Invaders!

13. BoA - Did Ya

"Toxic" pt. 2? Maybe. Britney herself, along with longtime Britney producers Bloodshy and Avant had a lot to do with BoA's First Album, her first English album in her career. Most of it is disposable urban pop, but a few tracks shimmer when most are dull. This is one of the best.

Thoughts on the songs posted? Please comment!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

You read it here first!

In the ongoing saga of R&B teen act Chris Brown's assault on pop princess Rihanna, details and rumors are flying around like Dorothy's house in Kansas. But what to believe?

We at Goosby Music have been working double time to sift through fact or fiction to get you the real story! And is it ever a story!

Our first juicy bit of intel involves Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry. The actress witnessed the entire occurrence from the driver seat of her beamer. We don't think her story holds much water because sources say that Bill Clinton's head was found somewhere around the vicinity of the entrance of her skirt, leaning over from the passenger seat. Scandalous!

A source close to Britney Spears tells us that a distraught Lindsay Lohan called Spears shortly after the incident. From what our insider tells us, Lohan had been contacted by Paris Hilton, the woman who started it all with her racy text to Chris Brown. Hilton, in a shocking display of potty mouth, told LiLo about the text she sent Brown: "I want to ride (Brown) like the wild bull he is", sparking jealousy in the small part of LiLo that is still straight. Spears comforted Lohan in the only way she knew how: she shaved half of Lindsay's hair off.

We hear a movie version of the events are in the works, with acclaimed director Spike Lee at the helm. Tentatively to play Brown and Rihanna: Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman. Look for it in theaters this Christmas.

Christian Bale has had a lot to say about the attack on Rihanna. Something about throwing chairs and many uses of the F-bomb. We hear that Bale has always had a "soft spot" for the Barbados beauty, and that once the anger subsides, all he can do is weep for her. Christian, I would gladly offer my shoulder to you if your unbalanced nature didn't scare me.

British legend David Bowie has extended his condolences to the ailing couple, stating that he has felt inspired to record a new album. He claims that it will be his best work in the last two decades. Sources tell us the lead single will be called "Black & Blue By Brown". Bowie could barely contain his excitement, often stopping our intimate discussion to wave his hands around and squeak with glee.

Fellow battered soul Amy Winehouse is apparently turning her life around because of the attack on Rihanna, sources saying she is "giddy with the prospect of doing the right thing". Whatever that means. Those same sources have informed us of the many notebooks Winehouse has used in doodling "Amy Brown" in cursive, big bold girly script, and sometimes in explicit graphic drawings. We wonder just who Winehouse is turning over a new leaf for, and what's under that leaf!

As more details emerge, we will be the first to tell you! See you soon loyal readers!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Older Stuff I'll Always Love (Part 1)

Recently a bunch of dance covers of Olive's classic, "You're Not Alone" have begun popping up. Like weeds, really. Unwanted, unnecessary, and baffling. I mean, not horrible, but if they aren't going to surpass the original, why bother? So it got me thinking about some of the older songs that I "grew up" with, the stuff that really formed my musical foundation. I'll share those with you now.

Our Lady Peace - Superman's Dead

Riding on the coattails of the dying grunge movement, Our Lady Peace attacked mainstream rock radio with this classic creepy falsetto track. Thus started my long term love of this Canadian rock group. Their sound would change, album by album, but they are still my favorite band. Somehow.

Republica - Picture Me

I always pick the odd fish off an album. Republica's debut was chock full of simply amazing tunes. "Ready To Go", "Drop Dead Gorgeous", "Bloke", "Wrapp", but "Picture Me" still stands out. The track is slow, seductive, and alluring. It stood out because it is so different from the rest of the upbeat and aggressive album. And it, along with a few other songs I'll mention, really solidified my love of what I tend to call trip hop (although I hear I'm classifying it incorrectly).

Mono - Life In Mono

From the Great Expectations soundtrack (the first half of which rocked my world), this track could be heard playing from my state of the art 3-cd changer back when I lived with my mom and grandmother. If you don't get it, you don't get it. (Sorry, Washington Post).

Olive - You're Not Alone

This song is over 10 years old. Yet listen, do you hear anything like this anymore? No. And not because this song sucks, it is far far far from terrible. Olive was onto something. Their us debut, Extra Virgin, was a masterpiece. While I didn't love every song when I listened to it, I hold such feelings of nostalgia listening to it now that I am compelled to place it among the very best of my CD collection. This song was on mainstream US radio, around the same time as Our Lady Peace's "Superman's Dead". Strange, that I would so deeply love those two songs from the same time.

Anggun - Snow on the Sahara

Not sure how I originally found this track all those years ago, but something about it lingers. Her voice is so pure and emotive. The music is amazing. This track has definitely lasted in my adoration.

Aqua - Turn Back Time

Another case of a song standing out due to it's lack of cohesion with the album it was found on. Don't get me wrong, Aqua's debut, Aquarium, is a camp pop classic. But "Turn Back Time" is a classic in its own right, transcending the considerable groans the rest of the album elicits from most listeners. It was used in the movie Sliding Doors, another Gwyneth Paltrow movie that made good use of good music.

A Life Less Ordinary Soundtrack

Not only was the movie fantastic and utterly understated, but the soundtrack was clever and well used. From the dreamy trip hop of the Sneaker Pimps to the angst of Ash to the unadulterated techno bliss of Prodigy, it summed up the schizophrenic mood of the movie perfectly. I included the full 7 minute version of R.E.M.'s "Leave" as it is by far the superior version to the edited, and less dramatic, version used on the soundtrack.

No Doubt - New

One of the few songs by No Doubt that really didn't feel like a representation of that time, "New" is one of the few songs that I still love due to an emotional attachment. In a time of extreme loneliness and depression, this song pulled me through. And now, when I listen, I feel that detachment and that great well of sadness that I could easily fall into at any time, but I also feel the comfort and familiarity that the track provided when I needed it. Truly one of my favorites.

Natalie Imbruglia - Troubled By the Way We Came Together

Natalie is a love of mine, her early music that is. Her more recent stuff is still good, but not as good. "Smoke", and this track pretty much sum up exactly what made her so good. Her voice grips you, and her music holds you in place. Very rarely does music cause me extreme emotions, but this one gets me.

P.S. - Sorry for the CSI fan video. There was no real video or even Natalie themed video that I could find. If you're not a fan, check out another window while you listen. If you are, watch and feel something.

Ok, that's it for now! Hope you enjoyed.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A few mashups (Explicit Lyrics)

Katy Perry - I Kissed A Girl
DeLorean - Push It (Instrumental)

Ida Engberg - Disco Volante
Bimbo Jones - Harlem One Stop

Lady Sovereign - Love Me or Hate Me
Valera feat. Aria - Girl, I Told Ya

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Creepy Post


On an unrelated note, spinning for a crowd that doesn't respond to your music really sucks.